Everything in our Ultimate Opportunity is included in our Prestige Opportunity. In addition, Prestige partners will have access to the following:

  • Total of 4 entrepreneurs to go through the 14-day comprehensive safe class & be sponsored.
  • 5x Marketing Material (business cards, flyers, letterheads, etc. in hard copy & digital form)
  • Digital Marketing (Total of 4 years)
  • Cloud Based Dailing System for 5 years (Telemarketing Software)
  • 100-300 Internet leads
  • Online Udemy University (Access to 3200 courses)
  • Credit repair Training & Certification
  • Commercial Lending Training Real Estate
  • Commercial/ Business Training
  • Yearly SMG Connect (networking convention)
  • Extended URL, Website Management, Hosting & Support
  • 4 Laptops (Programed with Business Emails, Office 365 set up)
  • All in One Printer
  • Onsite visit from the CEO

The Prestige Opportunity is for those that are looking to receive the most value with their investment. The platform gives you the ability to lend money internationally & nationally to fund Residential Mortgages, Business, Consumer, and Commercial Real Estate. In Addition, prestige partners are able to offer credit repair, debt settlement, and student loan consolidation.

We also focus on assisting you in the hiring process, sales management training and eventually grow & expand your business physically throughout the United States. The ultimate goal is to build enough capital to actually become the bank & start lending funds on your own terms. If you wish to learn more about our prestige opportunity in detail, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at (732) 231- 5420

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