For Entrepreneurs looking for just a bit more features

Everything in our Emerald Opportunity is included in our Ultimate Opportunity. In addition, Ultimate partners will have access to the following:

Custom Website

  • Custom Logo
  • Website Management
  • Extended URL (Domain)
  • Extended SSL/ Hosting
  • Business Emails
  • Business Cards & Marketing Material

Access to Lenders

TD Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, and many more that you might not have heard of but are exclusive to SMG Financial Partners

Our Ultimate Opportunity was designed to be recession proof. The platform gives you the ability to lend money internationally & nationally to fund Residential Mortgages, Business, Consumer, and Commercial Real Estate.

During the pandemic the commercial lending industry took a hit & most lenders weren’t lending any money due to the circumstances. On the other hand, the Mortgage business on the residential side was BOOMING! Interest rates at their all-time low and it was a buyers’ market. As the market started correcting itself the commercial lending industry started to open back up. Lenders were trying to fund projects left and right to catch up with loss time.

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